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The sales have begun in Russia of a child of Apple, the iPhone 4.  It has exceeded all expectations of both distributors, and admirers of the company of Apple. Nevertheless, under remarks of owners of this gadget, along with a powerful stuffing, the wide screen and a clever videocamera; the design of the smart phone from fourth generation remained at the former level. The same stylish case from black or white glass, and all same steel frames. A unique alternative to the ordinary which Apple has offered  are colored covers.

However, in this respect, all has pleased the union of Italian designers.  Sun&Moon and Russian jewelers who suggest to improve a daily type iPhone 4 with precious materials and rather intriguing forms. Earlier this company successfully debuted with the lunisolar models iPhone 4 Moon Protuberance and iPhone 4 Sun Protuberance. But there is no limit to perfection.  Few  words are possible to describe creativity and the jeweler skill Sun&Moon embodied in operation under a loud title iPhone 4 Russian Federation.

The limited series has been designed especially for the Russian admirers of the high technologies and the magnificent exclusive design of Apple. They includeindividual handwriting of the Italian designers, usage of a core of the African tree, and jewels of the highest quality.

 In the iPhone 4 Russian Federation, the scattering of magic diamonds of a black coloring and weight to 0,5 carat is inlaid in a chess ornament on a smooth surface of the case. At will, diamond "pawns" can be crystal transparent or celestial-blue. The role of central "king" plays not so much a customary apple logo of Apple, and the special heraldic symbol from yellow gold at the sight of which you understand that the owner of this smart phone - the person selected, and possessing the special status inaccessible to the inhabitant. The central place under the screen was occupied with the original ruby, warm, but simultaneously fiery and powerful. Not without reason this stone associates the power and boldness, and its scarlet color is the invariable companion of symbols of Russia.

iPhone 4 Russian Federation is presented by the elite Moscow boutique, Bon Cadeau. Only 26 copies, to members of the Government of the Russian Federation. However designers and jewelers Sun&Moon work in system semi-custom, thus, everyone will can select the color of the power, and also a facet of stones for the future iPhone 4 Russian Federation.



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iPhone 4 Russian Federation