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Our studio JS "Sun & Moon" is ready to offer you a ready-made solutions see catalogue and embody almost all of your requests in part inlay and technical change phones, MP3-players, and laptops. Based on the experience modification Apple inc. products, we can offer the following:


Logo "apple":
- Making an apple with an innovative lighting, using only 1 LED. Color you can choose, the choice of yellow, white, blue, green. There is the option of using multi-color backlight.
- Fabrication of gold in different colors and samples. Ready to do the logo of 24 ct. gold.
- Making an apple with sophisticated jewelry techniques: mokume-gane or hot enamel.
- So you can replace the apple that you like. For example: the golden skull, a heart of gold, or the logo of the car.


Back cover:
- Use the tree of rare and valuable species of wood: Black, chess, chocolate, leopard, snake-wood.
- We can offer any design or pattern for the inlay of gold / platinum wire. As a pattern, can be used by your initials, family coat of arms, etc.


"Home" button:
- Use any precious and semiprecious jewel. Any kind of cut: brilliant, portuguese, etc.
- Select Material button: silver, gold, palladium, platinum. Application with micro-engraving.


Operating procedure at performance of customization:
- You tell us:
phone model / player or laptop / netbook that you want to modify.
what kind materials you want to use when modding. For reference: the use of diamonds and mokume-gana are the most expensive in the modification.
- We will provide cost and schedule, including the stage of conceptual design. If you are satisfied, then proceed to the next stage.
- You make a prepayment of 10%.
- We do schematic design.
- Following the approval of the sketch, we buy the material and start working.
- In the middle of work on the project, you make 50% payment. Final settlement occurs at the time of receipt of your order.



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On the 100th anniversary of Maserati introduced a concept phone

Maserati iPhone and merged into the spectacular and harmonious union: now on "hood" number instead of the usual apple dominates golden trident of Neptune. That's how the designers presented the Italian company «Sun & Moon» gift for your 100th anniversary of the luxury car brand Maserati. 

iPhone 5s Imperial released on the closing day of the Olympics

The iPhone 5s Imperial model comes in two versions: Imperial Gold and Imperial Black.

iPhone 5s Sochi Edition

Limited edition - 2014 pieces , the retail price - 2014 euros

iPhone Romantic Seasons

The new iPhone Romantic Seasons series represents the technical potential for mobile phone tuning, within the concept of the change of seasons and mood.

iPhone 4 Russian Federation